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Heidi Jo

Author of the National Award Winning Children's book I Looked to the Moon and her newest cookbook release

This Chocolate Is Ridiculous

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National Award Winning Children's Book Author 

Heidi Jo

Heidi's books

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You're invited on a delicious and scrumptious chocolate journey you'll never forget! Born from my clients desires to have something a little healthier, this book came to life for all those moments when you need it, you know you need it but you just want to do it a little healthier! Here's to NO DEPRIVATION! 


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A beautifully illustrated story about a child whose questions have him pondering at bedtime. These words make their way into the hearts of any age, suggesting that life is what we make it, no matter what experiences may occur. It will touch anyone whose ever had questions about life and remind us that we always have exactly what we need deep within us.


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"A lovely, heartfelt, colorful, meaningful and uplifting book for children and visionary adults. The story is profound in simple language, and the illustrations are delightful. Parents and teachers who share this book with their children and students will find an extraordinarily rewarding experience for all. Highly recommended!"

Alan Cohen, author of 

A Deep Breath of Life 


This is an AMAZING book that reassures children that it's ok to feel all of your emotions. It explores curiosity and insights a sense of magic between ones self and the universe. While reading this book to my son, he turned to me and said, "mom, can I really do all these things the moon says?" It was a pivotal moment that I realized we don't talk about our emotions enough and children need to be reminded that they are natural feelings. It's also a great message to let each child know that it's the choices we make that can shape our view of the world and our role in it. We love this book and love gifting this book to others!!!

Tracy Brown

Mom of 6

"As an educator for over 30 years, I would wholeheartedly recommend this book! It is a beautifully illustrated piece of literature that gently helps children answer questions about their emotions and so much more. The book is packed with life lessons and although it is written for children, it has a wonderful message for all of us about designing the life we want."

Nancy Palmer

Child Educator 

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