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I'm Heidi Jo and bringing these books to life has been a dream come true. 

I'm a free spirit that's always been a deep thinker and as a child, had many questions about all the differences I was feeling, and the feelings I was experiencing. I have always surrounded myself and my life with children. I wrote my first children's book when I was ten years old, was nannying and babysitting at a young age, and went on to study child psychology in college. Eventually I went on to work with children of all age ranges throughout my journey in many different aspects of mental, emotional and physical well-being.


I believe that how we handle the delicate and deeply creative time of early mental and emotional development can lay the groundwork for future health by instilling a trusting and solid relationship within ourselves. I believe this to be a key to nourishing self esteem, self worth and setting healthy boundaries later in life. 


I’m deeply dedicated to supporting the mental and emotional health of our youth.

I also was trained and worked as a wellness chef and holistic nutritionist for over a decade. 

My passion for this field came from my own struggles and then deep understanding about how difficult it can be to change the way one eats.

My recipes embrace a NO-DEPRIVATION energy and always have a little healthy twist to them. I was begged to put them in writing from many a client, so that's exactly what happened!

I hope you'll join me on this journey and enjoy my creative and  fun approach to life, food and writing. 

Heidi Jo

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